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Lynn Bauer

Lynn Bauer

Simi Valley, CA


I am a Southern California based photographer and digital artist…and, I love doing what I do! I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, who loves my family, God and country. My photography is very important to me and I am constantly trying to grow and improve both my skills as a photographer and as an artist.
Although, I primarily shoot landscapes, I try to always look for the pictures inside of the picture…drilling down to macro shots within the landscape. I chase wildflowers wherever I can find them!! I’ve been blessed to see and capture some amazing scenes, and I am sure that I will be blown away with the beauty of what I am able to chase down in the future! An almost equal passion to wildflowers is my passion for gorgeous little hummingbirds! I’m in heaven when I manage to find them both together!
I have chosen the name “Lightscapes” for my company as the capture of light is so important to photography. Light makes, or breaks, a scene. Light highlights, defines, and adds drama. It sets a tone or a mood. Early morning and evening light can change the color of a scene. There’s nothing quite as spectacular as that “golden hour” light. And, catching “light rays” is the icing on any photographer’s cake!!!
We live in a world that is far from perfect. We see it on the news every night. I strive to look for those special times in life where I am blessed to enjoy beautiful moments. I love to capture those moments to preserve them, to carry them into the future, and to share them with others!
Every day is a gift. My hope is that as you view my photography, you will experience the beauty and joy of God’s incredible creation and that you will be touched by His love!

PLEASE NOTE: All images here are © Lynn Bauer. All rights are reserved.
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Fall in the Gorge at Watkins Glen State Park - Finger Lakes, New York by Lynn Bauer


Rainbow Falls and Bridge at Watkins Glen State Park - Finger Lakes, New York by Lynn Bauer


Stone Bridge in Fillmore Glen State Park - Finger Lakes, New York by Lynn Bauer


Taughannock Falls From the Overlook by Lynn Bauer


Buttermilk Falls in Autumn by Lynn Bauer


Country Wash Day by Lynn Bauer


Vibrant Farm Life in the Finger Lakes by Lynn Bauer


Fiery Sunset at Owasco Lake in New York's Finger Lakes by Lynn Bauer


Spiraling Down the Chasm at Upper Taughannock Falls by Lynn Bauer


Pumpkin Harvest Sunset by Lynn Bauer


Sunny California Sunflowers by Lynn Bauer


Yellow Plumeria in Hawaii by Lynn Bauer


Road to Glory by Lynn Bauer


Spring Reflections of Yosemite Falls by Lynn Bauer


Multnomah Majesty by Lynn Bauer


Wildflower Jackpot by Lynn Bauer


Glorious Texas by Lynn Bauer


Boerne River Walk on Cibolo Creek by Lynn Bauer


Heavenly Wonders in Mammoth Lakes by Lynn Bauer


Fall's Finery at Rock Creek Lake by Lynn Bauer


Spring Feast in the Flowers by Lynn Bauer


Perfect Pathway Along the Brazos by Lynn Bauer


Austin Rainbow Reflections by Lynn Bauer


Texas State Shaped Collage by Lynn Bauer


Sedona Sunrise Rays by Lynn Bauer


Redbud Beauty Along the Shore of Shasta Lake by Lynn Bauer


A Heavenly Spring Sunset Colors the Hill Country by Lynn Bauer


Glorious Wildflower Sunset by Lynn Bauer


Sunrise Stroll Across the Farm by Lynn Bauer


Full Moon Over Cathedral Rock by Lynn Bauer


Fall Reflections at the Double Eagle by Lynn Bauer


Poppy Paradise at the Top of Tejon Pass by Lynn Bauer


Pretty Poppy Superbloom Sunset in Walker Canyon by Lynn Bauer


You Better Slow Down by Lynn Bauer


Flower Farm Heaven Panorama by Lynn Bauer


Sunset Reflections Along Ventura Beach by Lynn Bauer


Unique White Wildflowers by Lynn Bauer


Yellow Coreopsis by Lynn Bauer


Full Moon Over City Walk by Lynn Bauer


Spring Fern Macro in Black and White by Lynn Bauer


Spring Fern Macro by Lynn Bauer


Windmill Sunset on the Carrizo by Lynn Bauer


Female Allen's Hummingbird in Honeysuckle Fuchsia by Lynn Bauer


Follow Every Rainbow by Lynn Bauer


Break Time in the Plumeria by Lynn Bauer


Cloudy Skies Over the Intracoastal Waterway by Lynn Bauer


Venice Beach Life Guard Station in Black and White by Lynn Bauer


Spring Sunset on the Farm by Lynn Bauer